The 4C’s, Cambridge Town’s friendly and active club welcomes members with all levels of experience. Club members participate in a wide range of outdoor activities, including rock climbing, caving, mountaineering, and walking.

Climbing with the CCCC

Caving with the CCCC


The club holds regular trips at a wide range of venues across the country and further afield, as well as additional trips organised by members between official meets. Social meetings are also arranged.

bcamemberlogoClub members can usually be found on a Wednesday night at the Free Press from about 10pm. Parking opposite the main Police Station or in the Queen Ann car park. Prior to this some may be found at the Kelsey Kerridge climbing wall; see the climbing page for more details.

Upcoming trips and events.

18 Jul 2015 - 19 Jul 2015

Climbing trip to North Devon

Note that this is a week earlier than the usual last-weekend-of-the-month climbing trip in order to get more favorable tides.

The major climbing area nearby is Baggy Point, a fine collection of sandstone sea cliffs with big routes at all grades ranging from bona-fide classics to full-on esoterica. There’s also the option of driving South to the Culm Coast, or East to the Exmoor Coast for more
obscure delights. Or if you think it’s too hot or too wet to climb (or both), some of the UK’s best surf beaches are close at hand.

Contact: climbing@thecccc.org.uk
18 Jul 2015 - 19 Jul 2015

Caving SRT rigging training trip – Yorkshire (fully booked)

Contact: caving@thecccc.org.uk
01 Aug 2015 - 02 Aug 2015

Caving trip – YSS Helwith Bridge, Yorkshire

Contact: caving@thecccc.org.uk
22 Aug 2015 - 23 Aug 2015

Caving trip – RRCPC BullPot Farm, Yorkshire

Contact: caving@thecccc.org.uk