SWCC, Penwyllt, South Wales

by Jane Bradbury
Saturday 28 May

Team 1 (Neil, Reynard, Mark and Callum) went into Dan Yr Ogof with Brendan Marris. Unfortunately, heavy rain on Thursday and continuing rain on Saturday meant that water levels rose when they were in the cave so, instead of a long trip, they went to Green Canal and back only. CCCC members took advantage of Brendan’s company to learn some new cave photography techniques

Team 2 (Bill and Stuart) went into top entrance of OFD 2 and had a good wander

Team 3 (Gordon) went for a walk above Penwyllt in the rain and mist

Team 4 (Jane and Mike) drove over to Afan Argoed near Port Talbot and had a good (dry) day’s cycling along the low level Rheilfford trail to its far corners and beyond.

Sunday 29 May

Team 1 (Neil, Reynard, Mark, Callum, Gordon, Bill, Stuart, Alex (YSS) and Gordon A (YSS) went in to see the Columns

Team 2 (Jane and Mike) drove to Sennybridge and did an amalgamated route of Cwm Treweryn and Sarn Helen routes followed by a circuit of the Usk reservoir, again mainly in the dry.

Monday 30 May

Really bad weather so the day was pretty much washed out!.

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