Mendips Trip

by Gordon Scott

Saturday started with ladder practice on the Wessex huts scaffolding tower, the first objective being NOT to put both feet through one of the hut windows! Suitably trained we headed off for GB cave. Taking the easy way down we were soon at the ladder dig. After some faffing & cowardice, Stuart took over & climbed up the chain in fine form. A short squirmy passage brought us to the less than inviting squeeze. However after a short wallow in a cold puddle Stuart, Rachael & I were rewarded with the excellent formation of Bat Passage.

Bat Passage

Rachael in Bat Passage

On Sunday Natalia & Bill ducked out of caving particularly as the dank misty weather of the day before was replaced by more Spring like conditions. The rest of us headed for Swildon’s, going direct from the hut & getting lost a couple of times as we had always done it from Priddy before. Going down was quite straightforward with no queue at the ladder pitch & taking in Barnes Loop with some very good gour pool. At Sump 1 Stuart & Rachael dived trough with no hesitation while Viktoria, Robert & I watched on. All was fine until we got back to the entrance series where we spent about an hour wandering around, including me getting to Jacob’s Ladder, which is 5 minutes from the entrance, not recognising it, & turning back!

On the trip: Gordon, Stuart, Rachael, Natalia, Viktoria, Robert & Bill.

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