04 Mar 2022 - 06 Mar 2022

Caving trip to Llangattock (South Wales)

Staying at Chelsea Speleological Society hut Whitewalls. Provisionally booked 6 people
to stay in the hut. There is also space for another 6 to camp if it proves
popular (you can still use the hut facilities if camping, but the bunkroom
is restricted to 6 at the moment).

Right next to some of the longest caves in South Wales including Daren
Cilau and Agen Allwedd. There’s also a crag next to the hut and plenty of
other climbing options nearby.

Depending on the group there’s the potential here to do some really big
trips (Daren even has two underground camps, as it’s a 20h epic to get to
the far end and back in one go). Agen Allwedd has some more beginner
friendly options, but also some 6-8h trips for the keen.

Contact: caving@thecccc.org.uk
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