27 Jun 2015 - 28 Jun 2015

Climbing trip to North Wales

Do I really need to do the whole “why North Wales is one of Britain’s top climbing destinations” thing again? Well, in case I do… there’s top class trad climbing of all flavours, from accessible roadside beginners’ crags to long easy classics to some of the wildest and woolliest mountain routes south of Scotland. On top of that, there’s
excellent bouldering, a good smattering of sport, and some quality scrambles. If you’re happy to drive a bit you also can get to the awesome sea cliffs off Gogarth, and if none of that appeals then you can go for a walk!

Beginners are welcome to come along provided you can at least tie in and belay safely – be aware, though, that while I’d hope that you’ll find someone to climb with, if everyone else has plans to go off and do big hard stuff then you might have to make your own entertainment (ie go for a walk or a scramble).  As ever, it’s always a good idea for beginners to go along on official or unofficial trips to indoor
leading walls or on unofficial trips to the Peak District – it’s all good practice and also gets other people in the club used to climbing with you as a reliable partner.

We’ll be camping at Capel Curig, which is convenient for loads of climbing and also offers some good pub and cafe options. As usual, we’ll be leaving after work on Friday and getting back lateish on Sunday.

Contact: climbing@thecccc.org.uk
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