24 Oct 2015 - 25 Oct 2015

Annual Dinner

This years dinner will be on the weekend of the 24/25 October in the Mendips. The area offers plentiful opportunities for both caving and climbing, and of course cider drinking. Fairy Cave Quarry is walking distance from the bunk house and offers wonderful limestone slabs at a range of grades between VDiff and E-way-to-hard and even offers the
opportunity to tick your first alpine route! Further afield is the famous Cheddar Gorge which will be free of it’s climbing restrictions and so classic gems such as Coronation Street are open for business! The area is literally littered with caves and holes in the ground, enough for a lifetime of caving and I think you’ll be lucky to make it to the pub
without falling down one or two on the way!

We will be staying in Larkshall, a hut belonging to the Cerberus Spelaeological Society which contains, among other things like beds, a traversing corridor!

The Annual Dinner itself will take place on the evening of Saturday 24th at the Oakhill Inn which serves really rather good food along with a range of local ales and ciders and a pretty good pickled egg! The pub also has a small number of B&B rooms for those looking for a little more comfort for the weekend.

Contact: social@thecccc.org.uk
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