06 Jun 2015

Novice climbers’ meet.

Weather permitting, this will take the form of a day trip to the Peak District, and will hopefully give total newbies the chance to get a taste of real rock, more advanced newbies the chance to get some trad leading experience, and everyone else the chance to have a fun day out and to pass on some of their accumulated wisdom.

In a slight change from previous years, we’re going to require that
anyone coming on the trip as a beginner has already learned to put on a harness, tie in, and belay. If you’re thinking of coming along but can’t do that then come along on a Monday trip to Harlow and we can teach you the basics. If you can’t do Mondays, get in touch with me and I’ll try to sort something else out. In principle there’s no reason that you can’t learn this stuff outdoors, but in practice we’ll get more done at the crag if we don’t have to spend the whole time explaining how to tie in!

Contact: climbing@thecccc.org.uk
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