Meets Calendar 2017


24 Jan 2017

AGM –  upstairs room of the Maypole at 7:30pm



03 Feb 2017 - 05 Feb 2017

Climbing trip to North Wales:

Depending on the weather Wales in the winter can offer a wide range of climbing, from the Llanberis pass mountain routes to bolted slate or N-coast sport routes. Theres also the possibility of good winter routes (if the weather goes cold soon) or spectacular winter mountain walking.


18 Feb 2017 - 19 Feb 2017

Caving trip to YSS



11 Mar 2017 - 12 Mar 2017

Caving trip to Wessex


24 Mar 2017 - 26 Mar 2017

Climbing: N Peaks / Yorkshire

We’ll go somewhere with wet weather walking options, available indoor options nearby, but good fast-drying climbing (both sport and trad may be possible) if the weather is kind. And hope we get delightful spiring weather.



13 Apr 2017 - 17 Apr 2017

Climbing: Pembroke (Easter)

We’re heading to St Petrox for lots of South Pembroke sea-cliff climbing – all the limestone you can clim, and if you want something more esoteric head to the Ranges West briefing. Pembroke will benefit from tides at Easter. Camping at St Petrox might be not quite as crowded as at the August bank holiday


22 Apr 2017 - 23 Apr 2017

Caving trip to YSS


28 Apr 2017 - 01 May 2017

Climbing: Cornwall (Early May Bank Holiday)

Cornwall – about a month later than usual, so we should be able to camp (Treen?) rather than try to find a grotty caravan. Tons of stunning granite sea cliffs. We’ll probably offer extra day at the start to avoid traffic and make the journey really worth it.



13 May 2017 - 14 May 2017

Beginners trip

The usual introduction to peak district climbing. Only a day trip, but please pencil in both and we’ll decide on one much closer when we have a forecast.


20 May 2017 - 21 May 2017

Caving trip to Orpheus


26 May 2017 - 29 May 2017

Climbing: Fontainbleau (Late May Bank Holiday)

Back to the land of the sandstone bouldering (and hope to avoid rain this time). Still in May, but at the other end. Not a BH in France, so the shops won’t shut on Monday. Probably also offer an extra day somewhere – either at the start of the end depending on which makes more sense for Chunnel tickets and travelling.



10 Jun 2017 - 11 Jun 2017

Caving trip to SWCC


23 Jun 2017 - 25 Jun 2017

Climbing: Dartmoor

Order your new guidebook now. Before the school holidays so not too hard to camp there.



07 Jul 2017 - 09 Jul 2017

Climbing – North Wales

Do we really need to explain why North Wales is great?


28 Jul 2017 - 30 Jul 2017

Climbing: Lake District

Again, introductions probably aren’t needed here!



25 Aug 2017 - 28 Aug 2017

Climbing: North Pembroke

Use the Range West pass if you want or try the excitement of sandstone slabs or gabbro. Space on the N Pembroke campsite is possible – it doesn’t exist at St Govans.



15 Sep 2017 - 17 Sep 2017

Climbing: The Roaches

Some gritstone action before the autumn sets in.


29 Sep 2017 - 01 Oct 2017

Climbing: Dorset

Swanage or Portland for trad or sport.



03 Nov 2017 - 05 Nov 2017

Annual Dinner Meet, Yorkshire

All sorts of climbing and caving options, plus a big dinner on the Saturday night. Alcohol may be consumed, silly climbing and caving games may be played.