Meets Calendar 2021


27 Jan 2021

Dolomites climbing presentation

Our very own Isabel has offered to do a presentation for us about her extensive travels in the Dolomites.

8pm, on Teams.



24 Feb 2021

Squamish climbing presentation

This upcoming pub night we have a treat. Masaki (with some input from Ciaran) has prepared a presentation about climbing in Squamish. A mix of high octane esoterica (Masaki) and tried and true easy classics (Ciaran) this show is sure to have something for everyone.

8pm, on Zoom.



24 Mar 2021

Caving presentation

For our ongoing speaker series this week we have a real treat. Have you ever wondered how the other half lives? While we are groveling through that slimy offwidth, have you spared a moment to think of those who crawl through wet, muddy and cold passages for fun? Well wonder no longer. Our very own Matt and Aiora have prepared a slideshow and talk for us about everything caving.

8pm, on Zoom.



25 Apr 2021

Possible day trip to the Peak District

For existing club members only. Note that the club won’t be organising transport, so you’ll need to make your own plans for getting there (within government guidelines).



21 May 2021 - 23 May 2021

Possible weekend climbing trip – location TBC

Might become just a day-trip if we’re not able to book a campsite.



04 Sep 2021 - 07 Sep 2021

Climbing trip to Lundy