Meets Calendar 2021


27 Jan 2021

Dolomites climbing presentation

Our very own Isabel has offered to do a presentation for us about her extensive travels in the Dolomites.

8pm, on Teams.



24 Feb 2021

Squamish climbing presentation

This upcoming pub night we have a treat. Masaki (with some input from Ciaran) has prepared a presentation about climbing in Squamish. A mix of high octane esoterica (Masaki) and tried and true easy classics (Ciaran) this show is sure to have something for everyone.

8pm, on Zoom.



24 Mar 2021

Caving presentation

For our ongoing speaker series this week we have a real treat. Have you ever wondered how the other half lives? While we are groveling through that slimy offwidth, have you spared a moment to think of those who crawl through wet, muddy and cold passages for fun? Well wonder no longer. Our very own Matt and Aiora have prepared a slideshow and talk for us about everything caving.

8pm, on Zoom.



25 Apr 2021

Possible day trip to the Peak District

For existing club members only. Note that the club won’t be organising transport, so you’ll need to make your own plans for getting there (within government guidelines).



21 May 2021 - 23 May 2021

Weekend climbing trip to the Peak District

Staying at



12 Jun 2021

Beginners / New Members Meet

Day-trip to somewhere in the Peak District. You’ll need to be a club member before the trip.


25 Jun 2021 - 27 Jun 2021

Climbing trip to Yorkshire

Staying at
It’s nearer the limestone than grit but neither is that far away so it should suit both the trad and sport favouring members of the club.

(Note the change of venue – we were unable to find a suitable campsite in the Gower Peninsula)



11 Jul 2021

Bike-ride from Cambridge to Grafham Water


16 Jul 2021 - 18 Jul 2021

Climbing trip to Portland

Staying at
Portland is pretty much entirely sport although I know that in the past some have made the drive to Swanage so as to find trad climbing.


31 Jul 2021

Trad climbing day-trip to the Peak District



06 Aug 2021 - 08 Aug 2021

Climbing trip to Yorkshire Lake District

Staying at

(This was going to be the Yorkshire trip, but we went there in June!)
(and this ended up being cancelled due to bad weather)


21 Aug 2021

Sport climbing day-trip to the Peak District


27 Aug 2021 - 30 Aug 2021

Bank-Holiday-Weekend climbing trip to Pembroke

Staying at



04 Sep 2021 - 07 Sep 2021

Climbing trip to Lundy

Staying at


17 Sep 2021 - 19 Sep 2021

Climbing trip to North Wales

Staying in the camping at


25 Sep 2021

Banff-related social

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is showing at the Corn Exchange at 7:30pm, so we’re going to be meeting in the Cambridge Brewhouse at 6:30pm for some pre-show drinks and an “after party” afterwards.


26 Sep 2021

Bouldering day-trip to the Peak District



15 Oct 2021 - 17 Oct 2021

Annual Dinner Meet

Staying at the YSS hut in Settle. The meetup will cost £45 which will include your bunk at the
hut and your meal at the Helwith Bridge Inn.



22 Nov 2021

Banff-related social (Mark II)

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is showing at the Corn Exchange at 7:30pm. As before, we’ll probably arrange to meet up for some pre-show drinks, with details to be confirmed nearer the time.


26 Nov 2021 - 28 Nov 2021

Caving trip to Yorkshire

Plan is to drive up to Yorkshire on Friday after work and return on Sunday
evening. I’ve had requests for some relatively easy SRT caves, to get
people back into the swing of vertical caving (feel free to make some
suggestions if you have any particular things you would like me to sort out
permits for).

I would suggest that this probably isn’t an ideal first trip – a lot of the
caves in Yorkshire involve ropework, and if it is wet there are limited
options (I’m also not super familiar with the non-SRT options in Yorkshire
– but if someone is, give me a shout). The South Wales trip in December
would be more suited to this.



09 Dec 2021


8pm, to be held on Zoom (like last year).

For those of you who are not familiar with the workings of the club, the
club is run by its membership and each year we need meet to summarise the
year gone by, discuss future ideas and elect members to the committee to
run the club for the next year. We do need as many of you to participate
as possible.


17 Dec 2021 - 19 Dec 2021

Caving trip to South Wales

Staying at