Membership Rates 2024

Current subs are set as follows:
Full year (January to December)

  • £32.00 climbing
  • £42.00 climbing and caving (or £27.00 for members of multiple caving clubs)

Half-year (July to December)

  • £16.00 climbing
  • £21.00 climbing and caving

Membership Benefits

Once you’re a member:

  • You can go on official club trips.
  • You get added to the club mailing list, which is used to organise official club trips and also sometimes by members organising unofficial trips of their own.
  • You can join the club WhatsApp group, where unofficial trips often get arranged.

You also get membership of the BMC and the BCA (this is where the subs go!), which between them give you, among other things:

  • Access to a large network of climbing and caving huts.
  • Access to subsidised training courses.
  • Discounts in most outdoors shops.
  • A copy of the BMC’s exciting Summit magazine.
  • 3rd party insurance for climbing and caving (caving members only) or for climbing and “surface caving activities” (climbing members).

Your BMC and BCA membership also helps to support the important access, safety and conservation work that those organisations do.


Even before you’ve joined, you can still:

  • Come and climb with us at indoor walls as often as you like (and go to the pub afterwards).
  • Come and meet people at a club social.
  • Go on your first caving trip.
  • Join the club Facebook group.
  • Go on unofficially organised climbing trips (assuming that the person organising it is happy to have you along).

We’d definitely recommend coming along to the wall, the pub, or a social to get an idea of what the club is like and whether it suits you before you stump up your hard earned cash! In fact, plenty of people climb with us indoors every week and don’t actually join officially until they want to go on a trip. This is particularly true in Autumn, when we don’t have many trips left before the end of the membership year.

How To Join

If you’ve decided that you do want to join, fill in the form here and then click submit. At some point later you should get an email explaining how to pay subs – this relies on someone checking their email, so don’t expect it to be instantaneous! Once you’ve done that, you’ll be added to the membership database and the email list.

Club Constitution

The current CCCC Constitution.